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Investment Advice, Finance & Consulting

Expert financial guidance for organizations and individuals to help turn your financial goals into reality.

- Since 2014 -

Welcome to Stantum, LLC

Stantum, LLC offers the following advisory services:

  1. Stantum Financial planning services, including.
    • Cash flow analysis, expense forecasting, and investment projections.
    • Retirement planning, including Monte Carlo simulation analysis of path dependent returns and exhaustion or ruin probability.
  2. Stantum Portfolio management for individuals and/or businesses organizations, including:
    • Asset allocation for publicly traded securities.
    • Risk analysis for publicly traded securities, and private company stock.
    • Mean Variance portfolio optimization, correlation analysis, and risk metrics.
    • Hedging of concentrated stock positions, currency swaps, and interest rate swaps.
  3. Selection of other advisers (including private fund managers)
  4. Securities ratings or pricing services
  5. Stantum Educational seminars and workshops
  6. Stantum Valuations for companies, debt instruments, and loans, including credit worthiness of certain borrowers and lenders.

We Translate Your Vision into Action

Stantum has the expertise to implement your financial goals and vision.

Work with our Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts to create specific financial plans that meet your needs.


We are fiduciaries who always act in your best interests.


Leave the hard stuff to experts. You share your goals, we implement the plan.


Count on us to keep things on track and make adjustments when needed.

About Us

We are experts in our field with the experience to plan and achieve goals.

Stantum works with you to refine a timeline for your goals and needs. The result is a financial plan to achieve your goals in the time allotted.

We work with you each step of the way to learn your goals and make a plan to achieve them. We monitor progress and changes and make the necessary adjustments, freeing you to do other things.


Intake and Goals
Strategy Planning
Plan Creation
Plan Monitoring and Adjustments

Our Team

We’ve provided financial services to clients since 2014

Our Services

Below are just some of our services. Start working with our professional staff to achieve your financial goals!

We offer personal and professional coaching and mentoring services to increase financial literacy, create financial plans and budgets, and develop money management strategies for investing.

Market Strategy

Understanding the risks and rewards of the market will help you set a sound financial strategy for your needs. We help you make informed market strategy decisions.

Generational Planning

Planning for family business or wealth succession can avoid costly tax and probate costs. We work with you to establish strategies to direct your legacy giving in ways that maximize the impact of your gifts.

Investment planning

Starting your investment plan early has the most impact and even the best plans can diverge from new realities. Keeping your plan current is essential to success, whether it’s your first plan or twenty-first plan update.

Stock Market

Insure your long term goals are insulated from short term fluctuations and market volatility. A sound financial plan works in good times and tough times.

Taxes Advisory

We have the knowledge and resources to develop tax alpha strategies that maximize your gains within and across tax years.

Growth Analysis

We analyze the long term prospects for growth by company, industry and market segment to insure your investments balance risk and reward appropriately.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds, Exchange traded funds (ETFs), bond funds, and closed end funds all have their benefits. We will get you in the right fund for your goals and stage of your investment plan.

Saving & Investments

We will help build a plan that works for your short term needs and long term goals. The right plan fits comfortably into your financial life.

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