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Get a BetterPlan™ Financial Plan!

Stantum financial planners will work with you to craft your BetterPlan financial plan.

An In-depth Assessment of Your Current Financial Situation

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive financial assessment, including income potential, such as stock options, and projected expenses to develop a personal balance sheet and projections for the future.

Goals and Ambitions

We help define and refine your long term goals and set up milestones to achieve them.  Using a step-by-step approach to monitor and make any necessary corrections along the way.

Analysis of Investments

Investments form the core of your financial growth plan.  Whether targeting short or long term goals, living well in retirement, or preserving wealth across generations, investment allocation and selection are critical to success.  We use state of the art techniques to define the best mix of investments and set your course for financial success.

Plan for Action

After assessing your current financial situation, goals, and ambitions, we craft your BetterPlan financial plan and make the appropriate adjustments to chart your course to success.

Ongoing Surveillance and Tracking

Once we have defined your BetterPlan financial plan, we track and monitor investment performance and market conditions to insure success.